June 2019 in Review

Written by Harley Hicks on July 1, 2019

June was a busy month for me personally. It was my second month of being burned out on side-projects. After WWDC and seeing the new updates to Shortcuts, I became more motivated to start working on it again.


We had 2 ads in June. This equals almost $100, so I'll be donating $10 to the Django Foundation.

Speaking of donations. I learned in my first month that most places don't want tiny donations as it costs money for the transaction, therefore, I decided to do all my donations in $50 increments. I'm up to $38 at the moment. Once it hits $50, I'll be donating that to the Django Foundation. At this rate, it should be able to make that donation in August or September.

No new memberships in June.

Below is the table of what came in and what came out of the bank account.

                | Credit | Debit 
Advertising     |  $95.50|
Bank Charges    |        |   $0.15
Hosting         |        |  $20.69
Totals          |  $95.50|  $20.84
Difference      |        |  $74.66

Another cash positive month! I haven't taken anything out into my own pocket yet. I did buy a book with this money last year, but it was a business-oriented book. I'm trying to leave as much in there as possible for emergencies and hopefully for advertising or other business needs in the future.

What's coming in July

Well, I'm officially back. I already made a couple small changes to the site today. I'm planning on doing quite a bit this month while trying to balance things out so I don't burn myself out again.

I've been promising images for shortcuts for a very long time. Development of this has been on and off as other features have taken precedent. I plan to have this feature out before the end of July.

I'm also rewriting the advertising system. I've learned a lot from running this ad platform for a few months and from peers who have quite a bit more experience than I. The new system will be better for advertisers and give them more budget control of their ads. It will also give them a dashboard to see their basic analytics. I'll be posting a bit about this and showing what the dash looks like once it's up. If you're curious as to how the advertising works, here's a snippet from the Ethical Ads page:

We use an ethical mindset when it comes to advertising:

  • We don't track users.
  • We don't sell user data.
  • We don't build profiles on users to target ads.
  • We only keep track of views and clicks.
  • We host everything ourselves. No third-party images or scripts.
  • We give 10% of all ad revenue to open-source projects that RoutineHub is built on, such as Django and Bulma.

Here's to the future!