Moving to Plausible for site analytics

Written by Harley Hicks on Oct. 17, 2019

Site analytics are hard.

I didn't want to use Google Analytics or another free analytics service that would take all my user's data and use it unwisely. After looking around for a privacy focused analytics service, I wasn't finding anything of worth. That was almost a year ago.

Running my own analytics seemed easy at the time, but there are so many facets. There's blocking fake traffic, making sure traffic data can't be matched with user data, accurately finding where traffic is coming from, and then there's the matter of rendering a page that's combing through thousands of records in the database. My analytics page could take up to 10 minutes to load, and on days where there was a lot of traffic, it wouldn't load at all.

The cost-benefit of me building it myself was not adding up, so I went back to researching. Luckily, a few new tools have popped up. One of these tools is Plausible. It's a privacy-first analytics tool that tracks only the data that matters.

Today I have moved to Plausible for RoutineHub's site analytics. This allows me to free up that time worrying about if my analytics were accurate and focus on other features. I'm also opening up the analytics page for anybody to look at. I'll be adding a link to the footer, but you can also click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to hit me up on Twitter or on our Discord server.