A New Dawn for Memberships

Written by Harley Hicks on April 11, 2019

tl;dr - RoutineHub has a new Membership model

I'm happy to announce a new Membership model that I believe to be more inclusive. Read on to see what's been changed.

Away with ye, tiers!

When I first created the membership system, I wanted to allow people to contribute as much as they wanted to and give them benefits based on how much they contribute, akin to Patreon. However, I've started thinking that this might not be the right route. In a way it can get to be a bit of a status thing if some people are only contributing $1, and others contribute $25. I also think that there weren't enough benefits per tier to make it worth moving up to the higher tiers.

So now there is only one "tier" that has all of the benefits! Which, I guess it's not a tier if there's only one, but let's move on. These are the revised benefits:

  • Show off your Member username badge
  • Pin your current favorite Shortcut to your profile.
  • View detailed statistics (daily downloads, daily visits, top referrers, etc.) for your Shortcuts. (beta)
  • Turn off ethical ads.
  • Have unlimited collections for better organization (coming soon!)
  • 15% off everything in the RoutineHub Shop

Wait... turn off ads?

That's right! If you're a member, just go to your Settings page and flip the switch.

I always intended to add this to the membership, however, I wanted to give you the option. You can leave ads on and support RoutineHub further, or turn ads off so you can get a little more screen real estate!

And remember, whether you're a member or not, the ads on RoutineHub do not track you at all. All your info belongs to you!

And last but not least!

The cost is only $10... a year. That's right. You get all those lovely benefits for a whole 365 days for the low price of a bag of Unicorn Poop Scented Bath Bombs.

What this means for you

If you're a member: Nothing! In fact, if you've ever contributed for at least one month, you'll get a full year of membership for free. Even if you've cancelled!

If you're not a member: Also nothing! But please consider becoming a member.

Thanks for all of your support!