April 2019 in Review

Written by Harley Hicks on June 25, 2019

April was an interesting month. I finally got some work done that needed done for awhile, but I also fell into burn out. I've been extremely busy and haven't felt motivated to get things done. If you look at the changelog my last update was April 11th. oof.

However, some big things happened in April. I completely revamped the Membership program. People were receptive to it, and 5 new people became Members in April.

Behind the scenes, I enlisted some moderators and built them tools so they could start moderating shortcuts. Our moderators are @ROP, @midnite, and @tdevx. They have been wonderful at looking through the shortcuts and making sure things are safe around here. However, we still have a lot of work to, especially with the site continuing to grow. In the future, other features around Moderating will be released. Information forthcoming.


There was only 1 advertiser in April. I'll be donating $5 to the Django Foundation.

I didn't do any traditional advertising in April. I did a couple giveaways at the end of March, which those expenses ended up happening in April. I'm not sure it did much for exposure, but I'm willing to try them again in the future.

Below is the table of what came in and what came out of the bank account.

                | Credit | Debit 
Advertising     |  $48.25|
Memberships     |  $64.49|
Bank Charges    |        |   $2.40
Hosting         |        |  $22.91
Marketing       |        |  $60.30
Totals          | $112.74|  $85.61
Difference      |        |  $27.13

Net positive! Yay!