PUBG Stats

Look up your most recent PUBG match stats! (PUBG for PC ONLY)


This shortcut looks up the last completed match that a player has fought and gets the various statistics for that player. You need to provide your own API key (obtain at , it's a really long string of text so I recommend copy/paste instead of typing it in).

It will ask you for a default player name as well, so you can put in either your in-game name, your favorite streamer name, or have it default to mine (bucksnort2). Remember: The player name is case sensitive, so typing "bucksnort2", "Breon" or "chocoTaco" will work, while "Bucksnort2", "breon" or "chocotaco" will not work.

After you input the player name, you will get a notification saying it may take a moment because it's sorting through a lot of data. I plan on making it faster in the future, as well as including UpdateKit support for when new modes or maps come out.

After you confirm and the data has been read, your results are ready! They include data points such as: what map and game mode was played, number of kills, how many kills were headshots, longest kill, how many boosts/health items you used, damage dealt to other players, how you died (or chicken dinner) how far you traveled by different methods, and what place you came in.

By tapping the data, you can hit the share button to save it or share it with your friends!

Feedback is welcome, tweet/dm me on twitter (@bucksnort21) or come watch me on twitch where I play PUBG and other games! (feedback is welcome there too!)

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Oct. 7, 2021, 5:42 p.m.

Created shortcut
Asks for your personal PUBG API key.
Asks for default player name so you don't have to type it in every time.
Displays in easy to read text
Does not display data that is 0 or does not exist
-If you didn't travel in a vehicle, distance rode does not show up
-If you didn't get any kills, kill information will not show up (if you did get kills and 0 were headshots, that will display. I will modify that in a future update)