Make Forms and collect information using Shortcuts


This shortcut is designed to collect information using shortcuts which is traditionally done using forms/ Please enter your questions in the dictionary only, and adjust the parameters carefully in each of the ‘Ask for Input’ action, based on what response you want. For example, if want the respondent to give a date, you have to ask for date. 10 questions are added by default, if you want to ask a few questions more or less, please adjust accordingly. Finally, once run the shortcut and check if it is the way you want it. And make sure to enter your correct email address in the ‘E-mail ID of the Author’, preferably make an alias email-id and enter it to keep your personal email-id safe. Once you have completed these steps, share this shortcut to the people whom you want to answer it. Once the respondent responds, you will receive a mail containing their responses. Select all the content of the mail and hit (Option/Alt)⌥S or copy it and paste it, when running ShortcutForms: Form Data Saver. This data will then be stored in a note along with the time they take and their Email-ID, for your future reference

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