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Apps: Magic 8 Ball Ask magic questions, get magic answers!

Fortune Cookie It’s a fortune cookie… inside a shortcut!

Bestie Test A test to see if you’re a true bestie…

Random Number Generator It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Random (mostly) family friendly username generator! Generates a mostly family friendly username with the use of lists and randomization!

Dev Tools Currently only able to de/encode base64 and generate hashes from text (hash generation only available on iOS 15.4 and up)

And more!

*pls give me ideas on what to make :)

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1700 - April 4, 2022, 3:02 a.m.

Bestie Hub, by NotMediumWell
Version - v1.7
Version Type - Feature Update
VSID - BHB1700
Version Date - 4/03/22

Release Notes:
Action Count: 562

New in 1700 4/03/22
• Implemented a new app: Username Generator. Generates (mostly) family friendly usernames with the use of randomization of items in a list

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