Easier and Automated JIT-Acceleration for apps like UTM and DolphiniOS


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JITKit makes it easy to debug applications like UTM and DolphiniOS which allows your iPhone or iPad to use it’s full RAM capacity for enhanced Emulation and bumped up speed.

JITKit also has multiple extra features like Automatic Shortcut Updates using UpdateKit API, Intuitive Setup Wizards, and more.

You can use up to two apps with JITKit, the max amount of installed Sideloaded apps (AltStore takes up one).

Requirements: - a Mac machine running macOS Monterey or later - an iOS Device running iOS 15.0 or later - Altserver and AltStore - JIT-supported apps like UTM and DolphiniOS - Homebrew (Command-line tool for Mac) - libimobiledevice (Debugging Tools. Installed using Homebrew) - (OPTIONAL) JitStreamer for Acceleration with Cloud

Custom JITKit App Icon for on your Home Screen:


Latest Release Notes

2.3.0 - May 14, 2022, 2:43 p.m.

- Added the ability to refresh AltStore apps in Main Menu
- Fixed numerous setup issues

Version history