Pokedex Search

Allows you to loosely search Pokemon by name then let's you choose a database to view more details



Pokedex let's you perform a loose, incomplete search of Pokemon based on name then navigates you to one of the popular database sites too view more details.

The current websites this shortcut can navigate you to include: Bulbapedia, Gamepress, Smogon, & Serebii.

This shortcut supports the following regions:

  • Generation I: Kanto
  • Generation II: Johto
  • Generation III: Hoenn
  • Generation IV: Sinnoh
  • Generation V: Unova
  • Generation VI: Kalos
  • Generation VII: Alola
  • Generation VIII: Galar

For an extra Easter egg, perform a search without entering text!

If you have feedback or would like to incorporate new changes to the shortcut, please reach out to me on Twitter or Reddit.


Want to see screenshots or a short demo video? Check out my thread on twitter.

If you need support setting up the shortcut or have ideas/feedback, please reach out to me:

Example Images

Screenshot iOS shortcut asking for the user to input a Pokemon name Screenshot iOS shortcut asking the user to choose from a list of matching searches Screenshot iOS shortcut asking the user to choose from a list of Pokemon websites that they want to search for the selected pokemon on

Latest Release Notes

1.101 - May 3, 2022, 3:59 a.m.

- Adds support for Hisuian forms
- Fixes the correct iCloud Link... oops!

Version history