Sunscreen warning

Tells you whether / from what time onwards sunscreen is advised @ your location.


Will you need sunscreen today? And when?

This shortcut tells you in the morning, ánd reminds you again an hour ahead of time.

This shortcut will get the hourly UV index forecast for your location. If it remains below the cutoff you predetermined (I use a value of 3), you'll get a notification saying you won't need sunscreen today.

If, however, the UV index does climb higher than your cutoff value, you'll be notified of the maximum UVI for today, and at what time the UVI is greater than or equal to you cutoff value for the first time (in the next 24hrs). Siri will speak this information aloud as well.

In addition, a reminder will be created one hour before the UV index exceeds your cutoff, prompting you to apply sunscreen and again stating the time the UVI exceeds your cutoff.

Advice: use stopping your alarm, sunrise, or a set time in the morning as a trigger for this shortcut. If you run the shortcut in the evening, the reminder will be created for today, rather than tomorrow. This is not a problem for me, since I use my alarm as a trigger and I don't work nights. If it is an issue for you, you could always use the set alarm option rather than set a reminder.

I also created a separate list in the reminders app for shortcuts, and added a sunset automation trigger that deletes all reminders in that list. Not needed, but clean.

To determine your preferred cutoff value, the risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure, for the average adult:

  • UV index of 0, 1, or 2 is low risk, ~60mins before you burn.
  • UV index of 3, 4, or 5 is moderate risk, ~30 to 45 minutes before you burn.
  • UV index of 6, or 7 is high risk, ~15 to 25 minutes before you burn.
  • UV index of 8, 9, or 10 is very high risk, you burn within ~15 minutes.
  • UV index of 11 and up, extreme risk, damage occurs in under ~10mins.

    Please note that the time to burn varies by skin type. Contact your health care provider for any personal medical advice.

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - May 2, 2022, 6:49 a.m.

1. Corrected an error where the last incident of a UV index larger than or equal to the cutoff was saved to advise sunscreen from that time onwards. This is now set to correctly work with the first incident of the UVI equal or over the cutoff value.

2. Added functionality where the entire forecast is saved to a note, for later referencing.

Version history