A simple shortcut that determines if it is running on an iPad or iPhone from screen width



DeviceType has been upgraded to version 2.0 which uses a simplified interface, removes UpdateKit functionality so that it does not affect how your current shortcut runs, and includes better implementation instructions.

Due to the need to change the names of variables, I have opted to keep version 1.2 available here as an archive rather than having it break in any currently used shortcuts. In the future, please use DeviceType 2.0 available here:

Certain commands generated by the Shortcuts App are incompatible with some iOS Devices. For example:

  • Vibrations cannot be triggered on an iPad
  • Phone Calls cannot be made from an iPad
  • Launching Specific Apps may have different names or not exist on iPhones and iPads
  • Health Records are not available on iPads

DeviceType Simplifies the workflow and determination of whether the shortcut is being run on an iPhone or iPad based on determining the devices screen width. This will continue to function even when new devices are released due to its simplicity. If the device has a screen width of 500px or less then it is called an iPhone. If it is greater than 500px it is classified as an iPad. With a single Variable it can then be easily referenced for the remainder of the Shortcut.

The variables are then set as DeviceiPhone and DeviceiPad for use in the remainder of the Shortcut.

Free to Use!

This app is free to use and implement! Feel free to use it in any shortcut you create without permission. Let me know when you use it in the feedback below and I will show your shortcut some love! Please consider also linking to this page rather than the iCloud link so that users can download the most current version of DeviceType.

Install Instructions

The install instructions are below. Please go through them carefully to ensure that it functions.

Then to use this later in your Shortcut,

  • Get Variable
  • Click on the Variable field and select DeviceiPhoneTrue
  • Command: If
  • Set to Equals and value of DeviceiPhoneTrue
  • Place your iPhone or iPad only content in this section and leave the Otherwise section blank. When left blank (or removed) it will continue the shortcut commands without having performed the iPhone or iPad only action


UpdateKit is included. You can also choose never to update, a .txt file will be saved to your iCloud Drive and as long as it exists you will not be asked to update. If you do not have UpdateKit installed, you will not be asked to update.

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Oct. 25, 2018, 6 p.m.

Adds additional lines to install UpdateKit if it is not currently installed, and uses a workaround for a known bug in shortcuts that could cause UpdateKit to fail to run if installed after DeviceType.

Version history