Super Respring

Respring Your Device!


Cashapp: $zachary7829 Welcome to Super Respring!

Welcome to Super Respring!

This shortcut resprings devices running iOS 13.0 - 14.8 & iOS 12.0-12.1.4, and works with any device even if it’s not jailbroken! I realized that there wasn’t really a shortcut that resprings a device that has compatibility with the newest version of shortcuts (Shortcuts 2.2.1 broke old respring shortcuts) so I decided to make this one! Please ask permission and give me credit if you’re going to use its methods for a shortcut. Report a bug or make suggestions either to the feedback section or @QuickUpdate5 on Twitter. Only available on RoutineHub, anywhere else is a fake. Credit to @pfg, as the original Update Check method was based off of his Check for Updates shortcut. Please keep in mind though that this shortcut does not use check for updates. Also credit to @ROP, as the download badge was created with MediaKit.


Q: I’m on 12.0-12.1.4.

A: Download Version 1.1

Q: My Device Crashed!

A: Yeah. It’s supposed to do that. It’s a respring.

Q: What’s a Respring?

A: A Respring a restart of Springboard/blackboardd. This clears up a lot of your RAM and restarts a lot of non-critical services.

Q: Do I need jailbreak for Super Respring?

A: No, Super Respring resprings your device without any jailbreak!

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The bug used in 13.0-13.3.1 (and a modified version of it for 13.4+) is from this Shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

5.0.2 - Oct. 24, 2021, 8:32 p.m.

Fixed a bug. I’ll make an update that’ll make this less bloated latr.

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