Control Centre Preferences Updated 02/08/2019 (iOS 13)

Works with Control Centre Series of shortcuts


Control Centre Preferences

Is Two new shortcuts used across many of Control Centres Shortcuts from Version 10 onwards, providing a consistent approach and uniform look to many Dynamic Menus.

As you can see from the above image there are many used on a regular basis however now there is no longer a need to write them into every shortcut over and over again.

In Control Centre I was able to remove 122 actions but add in many new features but only increasing the action count by 40 over the previous version it replaces simply by using this Pre-formatted Preference shortcut.

  • Example Take me Home Dynamic menu required 18 actions in version 9 of control Centre now it's 2 in Version Ten and 5 in Preferences saving space and time in creating shortcuts and speed when running Take Me Home.
  • On the Dynamic Menu you will now see the Arrival Time and the Distance without having to run Take Me Home
  • If you Park your Car using Control Centre Travel, now you will see the Time you Parked, in both Control Centre And Travel.

As this is a Shortcut no data needs to be written to your phone or ipad, is all self contained in the shortcut.

Every response is now Pre-Formatted

  • With everything Pre- Formatted you no longer have to format every time you add a new set of actions, things like Date for instance Or the Weather, Volume, Brightness or the Battery Level And a whole lot more.

View Control Centre Preferences

  • allows you to view how they will be seen in the shortcut.

Getting the KEY's

-Simply Run View Shortcut And use the TOP MENU ITEM select the item and this is copied ready to place in a Shortcut of You're choosing

In your Shortcut you need the following Actions

Then add the Pref and the name of the Key you copied from the View Shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

13.1 - Aug. 2, 2019, 1:09 p.m.

Beta changes due to iOS 13 corrections

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