Do Not Disturb

Turns on Do Not Disturb until a designated time.


⚠️ Due to Focus mode being so useful in iOS 15, and me having to rebuild from the ground up, I will be discontinuing this shortcut, but will still be available to use, but it might not work in iOS 15 due to me not updating it since iOS 12.

Do Not Disturb


Version Feature / Accomplishment
v1 Itinital Release
v2 More DnD Settings
v2.7 Formatted iCloud Drive
v3 Multiple Locations + 2 more DnD settings!
v3.0.2 Option to change how often you want to check for updates
v3.1 / 3.1.01 RoutineUpdater support
v3.2 Added “DnD until I leave” / Password Protection for Settings
v4.0 New Menu / 3 locations / Edit Location been fixed / many improvements and fixes
v4.1 Password Reset (after 3 attempts)
v4.2 Embed-an-Update Support / Removal of RoutineUpdater


  • Multiple Locations (Accomplished in v3.0 with 2 locations & 3 locations with v4.0 — 5 locations should be ready by v4.5 OR v5.0)

  • Calendar Detected Events (Useful for Colleges/Universities -- Semi-Accomplished in v3.0)

  • Date Detection (Also useful for Colleges/Universities, but also useful for Elementary/High School — Coming Soon since I’m heading to college in the fall

Planned Features:

  • Day by Day Do Not Disturb Toggle
  • Example: MTWRF (8:00am - 3:00pm), (11pm - 6am (the next day))

Shortcut Created by: 99brendanallen


Latest Release Notes

4.2.1 - June 3, 2019, 3:46 a.m.

New in version 4.2.1:
• Bug fixes with checking updates every 24 hours

New in version 4.2:
• Added Embed-an-Update (NO SHORTCUT REQUIRED!)
• Removed RoutineUpdater support
• KNOWN ISSUES: Method to check updates everyday is not setup quite yet.

Version history