The fastest way to translate your Shortcuts on iOS 13.


TranslateHub wasn't just designed to simplify how you add localisation to your Shortcuts, it was designed to make you want to implement localisation.

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28-7-2019: Due to the changes made by Apple in the latest version of their operating system, any Shortcut created using iOS 13 (and iPadOS) will no longer be compatible with earlier versions such as iOS 12.



TranslateHub is currently the fastest translator available for your Shortcuts. Taking less than 2 seconds to fetch your preferred language file, TranslateHub removes any doubt towards performance by over performing.


TranslateHub aims to achieve the same thing all my Shortcuts do, they reliable. Choosing to implement this into your Shortcuts will bring you amazing new features and dedicated support.


TranslateHub is most intelligent translator available, allowing you to enable localisation in your your Shortcuts with next to no performance impact by intelligently translating your Shortcuts only when changes have been detected.

Offline (soon)

Offline mode was made possible thanks to the intelligent way TranslateHub decides if something needs translating, meaning without an internet connection your preferred language file will be fetched almost instantly!



Below you will find detailed instructions (soon) on how to implement TranslateHub into your Shortcuts along with an example for basic and advanced implementation.

Basic Implementation

As you can see from the examples below, implementing TranslateHub into your Shortcuts couldn’t be easier. Start with the Dictionary Action, this must include your Shortcut Name and the collection of phrases you wish to translate. Then you can move on to the next step, which is where you add the Run Shortcut Action linking to TranslateHub. Finally, you can add the Set Variable Action and name it TranslateHub (or anything you want) to reference your translated phrases.


To input your localisation text via a dictionary inside your Shortcuts, you may reference the example provided below:

Dictionary Example

Private Hosting

To input your localisation text via a privately hosted json file, you may reference the example provided below:

Hosting Example


If you feel TranslateHub is the right fit for you and your Shortcuts, you may use the following on your RoutineHub page.




If you experience any issues or require assistance with this shortcut, please contact me via Reddit and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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