Clipboard File Notes Snippet

A text input selector snippet


Clipboard Files Notes

A text input selector snippet

(Oops ascidentally deleted the original upload)

  • Icon menus
  • Only shows clipboard if clipboard is populated
  • Shows clipboard type
  • Bypasses notes 26 items limit
  • Shows all notes as a list item with search

Adding to your Shortcut

  • Make sure you change the 2 x Run Shortcuts to the name of your Shortcut
  • Change the variable at the end of the actions to the whatever is appropriate for your Shortcut.
  • If your ios device is set to non-English change the word Dictionary in the first IF statement to whatever is appropriate in your language.


This is a snippet for adding to your Shortcuts using a tool like MergeCuts or ActionCuts. You can use either of these tools to add useful sets of reusable actions into your Shortcut. Or you can just use it as a starting point for your Shortcut.

Some snippets/ActionBlocks published may have examples in, or not quite work the way you want, make sure you customise them before adding them to your library.

Snippets are meant for adding to a Shortcut and not for running by themselves. They may not do anything by itself, and you may need to send something into one of the actions in order for it to work eg through a variable in your Shortcut.

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