Little Minigames

Now with an in-game currency.


A shortcut where you can play some different minigames.


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list of commands:

-minihunt: a risky way of getting money, you might get hurt and sent to hospital. shows the battery level

-minihelp: shows the help page

shop will be open soon!

list of minigames:


-Rock Paper Scissors

-a self-made story mode!

-cookie clicker*

-a choice maker game


-Doge Miner 2*

-moto x3m (every game in the series!)* games (not all)





* equals auto save

I am planning to add much more games. Leave feedback on the game you want added here most!

Latest Release Notes

3.0.0 - May 19, 2020, 1:32 a.m.

Created a new in-game currency —minicoins! Now has commands you can do with it. Full list of commands will be out soon.

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