Stop AdKit ads from showing up in shortcuts


Stop ads from ruining the Shortcuts user experience.

Download the iOS 12 version

AdKit by @eaic is a new tool that allows shortcut developers to inject ads into their shortcuts’ vCard menus. Right now, AdKit’s ads are relatively unintrusive, but there is no guarantee that they will stay that way.

So far, Shortcuts has been mostly free of ads and other such annoyances. It has consistently been a relief from the onslaught of ads that has taken over web and app development. Now AdKit threatens the happy absence of ads in Shortcuts.

This shortcut gets rid of ads delivered by AdKit. Instead of installing AdKit, you can install this to remove the ad injection process, and therefore block ads in Shortcuts. If you already have AdKit installed, press “Replace” when Shortcuts asks you if you wold like to overwrite AdKit. The AdBreak shortcut is named AdKit so that it can intercept all AdKit calls. (As of version 1.3, users will also need to follow the instructions in the top two comments inside the shortcut to set up AdBreak to bypass the latest AdKit authenticity checks.)

There is no loss of functionality for shortcuts that use AdKit (besides the ads themselves) when using AdBreak. In fact, any shortcuts that use AdKit will run faster with AdBreak.

Note: AdBreak only blocks ads if AdKit is used as an external dependency. If AdKit E is embedded into a shortcut, then the only way to remove ads is to delete the AdKit E actions or use a different shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

1.3 - May 22, 2020, 8:24 p.m.

Add instructions for users to modify the shortcut slightly and change the glyph and color to match the real AdKit, to prevent authenticity checkers from detecting AdBreak based on the latest RoutineHub release of AdBreak.

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