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With Apple Logo Wallpapers you’ll have over 350 Apple logos to choose from. The shortcut will automatically generate the wallpaper in the required size.

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In order to run this shortcut, you will need a copy of all the Apple Logo files from the Apple Special Event on Oct 10th 2018 (download link below).

After downloading the file from the link down below (and saving the folders inside to iCloud Drive), you will have the option to choose between a black and white background version of the logos.


Apple Logo Wallpapers


The Shortcut automatically knows which device you’re using and will generate the size it needs to fit for a wallpaper. That said, it doesn't matter if you’re using e.g. an iPhone SE, 6, 8 Plus, X or XS Max et cetera—you will always get the right output for your device.


Please download this file before using this Shortcut:

Apple Logo File Download Button

Just place the folders »Black« and »White« in iCloud Drive—wherever you want. Then start the Shortcut and select a logo graphic of your choice. That’s it!


FYI: When the generated wallpaper appears, you can just swipe down on that image to close the window. After that a menu appears and you have the choice to save the wallpaper to the camera roll.


Apple Logo Wallpapers



The original Shortcut was made by u/Wexford001 and is called »Wallpaper Generator«. I rewrote it to make it possible to request the logo offline and implemented a function so the shortcut automatically knows which device you’re holding in your hands, so it can generate the wallpaper size needed.

Additional credits:

Apple Logos w/ white background uploaded by MacRumors (imgur user: MacRumors) — Apple Logos w/ black background uploaded by u/rollenderobbert


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This Shortcut is available exclusively on If you find it somewhere else, it's a fake. Please let me know in the comments below if you found this Shortcut somewhere else. Thanks.


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