Keep a log of your medications & dosages with handy reminders.


Keeps a log of your current medications, dosages, frequencies and last taken. Easily add new medications, record a dosage and make sure you don’t take any medication too early with this invaluable shortcut.

I have tried to build this shortcut to allow you to keep track of any medication you need to take and to record the last dosage date and time.

For each medication MedLog will capture and store in iCloud:

  • Med - the name of the medication
  • Freq - Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly
  • Type - Pill / Cream / Liquid
  • Dose - how many mg / ml you need to take
  • Each - how many mg / ml each tablet is
  • Prescription - the number of doses in your prescription at the start
  • Left - the number of doses remaining if you have correctly taken your medication
  • Lapsed - the number of minutes that must elapse between doses
  • Start - Date & Time of first dose
  • Last - Date & Time of last recorded dose

I hope that makes sense and if you have any suggestions for improvements please do leave feedback this page.

Latest Release Notes

5.6 - Dec. 21, 2021, 8:39 p.m.

Updates for iOS 15 and addition of 3 times a day medication.

Version history