The most powerful shortcut for adding text and stickers to your photos to post on Instagram


Snapcut 3

  • Import images from any app using Share Sheet or just copy the image to clipboard and then run Snapcut.
  • Option to flip the image horizontally.
  • Blurred or gradient background.
  • Use same background color of imported image as background color of your post (useful for screenshots).
  • Choose preset options to place the photo or do it manually.
  • Choose size and aspect ratio of result image.
  • You can add Bitmoji stickers (or any image on clipboard) to the imported image (Bitmoji app is not required).
  • Add texts with many color options:
  • Choose from 20 default color themes;
  • Using the built-in color picker;
  • Prominent colors from the imported image.
  • UpdateKit support.

Latest Release Notes

3.5 - Oct. 3, 2021, 8:03 p.m.

- Removes the color picker option from devices running iOS 14 and later. The color picker may be reimplemented for devices on iOS 14 and later in the future.

Version history