Auto Add Wallpaper from Unsplash

iOS 14 automation. Save wallpapers automatically to a specific photo album.


The shortcut aims at saving new wallpapers automatically to be used in medium sized "Photos in Album" widget from Widgetsmith .The size of the downloaded wallpapers is matched with the medium sized widget.

You can create the automation for example at 11 pm daily and add this shortcut in the run shortcut action.

There's a link when you expand the notification generated.That link takes you directly to the Unsplash album .For that to work you need to have this shortcut.You can skip it if you would like to manually open the album.

Preview Video->Glimpse of the Workflow

Basic idea on how to create an automation:Read the description of this shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Sept. 24, 2020, 10:35 a.m.

Reduced no. Of actions

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