Combine two shortcut’s actions!


Introducing QuickMerge

QuickMerge is a powerful development tool that merges one shortcut inside of another shortcut. It’s supported on iOS 13 & 14, and comes with QuickUpdate: Integrated Edition, to make sure you are fully up to date.

How it works

QuickMerge injects the actions of another shortcut into another. It does this by having the developer have a comment action containing “QuickMerge” where they want the actions to be injected. Then, they just inject the actions into it using QuickMerge, and boom! The actions have successfully been injected!

Open Source License

QuickMerge is open sourced under the GPLv3 License.


@D3W10 - Teaching me a lot about how embeddables function when I was creating QuickUpdate: Integrated Edition

@Macintosh512k - Beta testing, and helping to fix a bug.

@ActuallyZach - Beta testing

@elio27 - Beta testing

@gluebyte - Creating shortcuts source helper

Importing on iOS 15

(Note: this guide is highly W.I.P.)

Method 1:

Use the shortcut CLI tool on macOS Monterey to sign the .wflow file it outputs (e.x. shortcuts sign -i a.wflow -o b.wflow)

Method 2:

The other way mentioned is probably the best. However, if you have a Mac but it can’t run Monterey, or if you have a iOS 12/13/14 device, you can send the iOS 15 shortcut/wflow plist file to either the iOS 12/13/14 device or to the Mac that is running a Xcode simulator for iOS 13 or 14. From there, make a shortcut where you select the shortcut plist file (make sure it ends with .shortcut!), and use the Get Link to File action to share it to iCloud. From then on, you can use the iCloud API and fetch the signed shortcut file from it.

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Oct. 24, 2021, 6:43 p.m.

Added *very limited* iOS 15 support. Expect macOS Monterey support to come latr.

Also, report a bug originally said the wrong Twitter handle. Had no idea how I didn’t notice that before. Nonetheless, fixed.

Version history