Action Hacker

Add unobtainable actions to your shortcut


This shortcut has not been verified for use on iOS 15 or MacOS Monterey. It will be updated shortly the official release of these updates. You can try to use it on the betas, but it is not guaranteed to work.

How do I use Action Hacker?

First, make a comment wherever you want an unobtainable action. Put text from this list into the comment depending on which action you want. Make sure to include the *s.

  • Get Variable action: **GETVARIABLE**
  • Get Details Of Shortcut: **PROPERTIESWORKFLOW**
  • Get Details Of Note: **PROPERTIESNOTE**
  • Get Details Of Shazam: **PROPERTIESSHAZAM**
  • Get Details Of Appearance: **PROPERTIESAPPEARANCE**
  • Open App with Springboard: **SPRINGBOARD**
  • Open App with PreBoard: **PREBOARD**
  • Next, run Action Hacker and select your shortcut. It will prompt you to create an iCloud link, then it will prompt you to download a shortcut. This shortcut will be your shortcut but with the unobtainable actions inserted in those positions!

    Image credit: @daidardi

    Please leave feedback if this is missing any important actions, and I'll try to include them.

    Latest Release Notes

    1.0 - Dec. 14, 2020, 6:25 p.m.

    Initial Release