Log Weight & Waist

Simply add your weight or waist measurement to Apple Health.


Log Weight & Waist

Over indulged at Christmas or during your summer holiday? Just looking to track these key attributes?

Apple Health doesn’t make it easy to enter these simple details to keep track of your Health stats.

Log Weight & Waist makes adding your weight or waist measurements to Apple Health a lot easier than the native menus!

Now with the choice of Metric or Imperial/English entry formats!


  • Weight - Kilograms (kg)
  • Waist - Centimetres (cm)

Imperial / English

  • Weight - Stones (st) and Pounds (lb) or Pounds (lb)
  • Waist - Inches (in)

3 simple steps

  1. Choose which measurement to add.
  2. Enter measurement.
  3. Confirm measurement is correct.

Simple Bar Graph

Want to quickly view your progress? A simple bar graph can be viewed displaying your entries against a pre selected target or from the average of your entries.

Log Weight & Waist - Weight

Log Weight & Waist - Waist

Graph Example Simple graph to check your stats.

If you wish to record height as well try this version of the shortcut:

Log Weight, Waist & Height

Inhaler Usage

Latest Release Notes

2.5 - May 11, 2021, 12:45 a.m.

- Some small menu tweaks
- Added a simple bar graph that displays your progress over time against the average of a pre selected target
- In addition to the above released a few days ago I have made some improvements to the updater including showing the release notes for future updates.

Version history