Random wallpaper

Get random wallpapers for your device from Lorem Picsum (manually or automatically)


iOS 15: Works in interactive mode (not in automatic because of a "Set Wallpaper" bug, still present in iOS 15.1 beta 2) iOS 15: Works in interactive mode (not in automatic because of a "Set Wallpaper" bug, still present in iOS 15.1 beta 2).

iOS 14: iOS 14 users can still use the fully working version 1.3.2

This shortcut downloads random wallpapers from the Lorem Picsum service, that have the exact resolution of your screen. It can be used interactively (you will be offered an unending sequence of wallpaper candidates) or automatically (via automations).

The shortcut is localized in English (default), Spanish, German (thanks to Paul Schneller) and Catalan. If you want to contribute a translation, please translate this (only the part after the :) and send it to me:

    "WHAT TO DO WITH WALLPAPER": "What do you want to do with that wallpaper?",
    "WALLPAPER FOLDER": "random-wallpapers",
    "SAVE IN PHOTOS": "Save it in the photo library",
    "GET IMAGE ERROR": "I couldn't get a random image from Lorem Picsum",
    "USE IN LOCK SCREEN": "Use it on the locked screen",
    "SAVE IN FILES": "Save it to Files",
    "USE IN HOME SCREEN": "Use it on the home screen",
    "RETRY QUESTION": "Do you want to try again?"

Since version 1.1.0, if the shortcut can't download an image from Lorem Picsum, it will try to reuse a wallpaper previously saved to iCloud before giving up.

Interactive mode

In interactive (manual) mode you will be shown wallpapers in a loop. After each preview there will be options to use it in the home and/or lock screens, save it in Files, and/or save it to the photo library. These options can be used simultaneously. Tap "Done" to apply the options selected and see another wallpaper, or tap outside the menu or "Cancel" to exit the shortcut.

Preview of a random wallpaper and options menu

Automatic mode

If you run the shortcut with an input that contains any combination of the mobile phone, locked, open file folder, and film frames emojis (see screenshot above), it will apply the corresponding actions (home screen, locked screen, save to iCloud Drive, and/or save to photo library) in a single run of the shortcut (without looping).

For example, if you choose three apps you use every day, this is how you change the lock screen wallpaper every time you open one of them. The wallpaper is also saved in iCloud Drive (just in case is a particularly good one).

An automation that sets the lock screen wallpaper and saves the file in iCloud Drive

Since version 1.1.0, automatic (non-interactive) mode limits itself to one change every five minutes, in order to not abuse the Lorem Picsum service.

This shortcut is partially based in a few previous shortcuts of mine:

Also, the screenshots above have been framed with my Frame screenshots shortcut.

TO DO: (August?)

  • Avoid downloading an already downloaded image. This requires switching to use the API with https://picsum.photos/id/𝒏/π’˜/𝒉 URLs, where π’βˆˆ{0, ..., 1084}, and π’˜ and 𝒉 are the device dimensions.
  • Allow creating an image "blacklist" for images that, after seeing them as device wallpapers, are not to the user's liking

Latest Release Notes

1.5 - Oct. 3, 2021, 4:52 p.m.

iOS 15 version (only interactive mode)

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