Screenshot Framer

Add device frame on iPhone or iPad screenshots


OS Compatibility
macOS No
iOS 15 or higher Yes
iOS 14 or lower Yes

Screenshot Framer draws a device frame on iPhone and iPad screenshots. Features include

  • 4 frame types: iPhone and iPad, with or without home button
  • 120 frame colors (from Keynote palette; screenshot below)
  • Portrait and landscape (90° counterclockwise only)
  • Option to use black bezel
  • Option to reduce final image size
  • Draws frames using mask, overlay, resize, rotate, flip actions
  • Small shortcut size because it does not contain device photos


black bezel


  • Running directly in the Shortcuts app is faster than sharing from Photos or Files.
  • Although it supports images of any size, unscaled and uncropped screenshots produce best results.
  • iOS does not seem to recognize transparency of small (360 or less pixels in width or height) PNG images. They look fine on a computer.

Latest Release Notes

1.3.2 - Dec. 1, 2021, 12:06 p.m.

• Smaller notch a la iPhone 13

Version history