Automatically install Shortcut Dependencies!



Automatically Install Shortcut Dependencies!

For Users:

DependKit allows you to install Shortcuts from their RoutineHub ID or iCloud Link. I've also included the option to install Check For Updates by @pfg, which is what DependKit uses for updates, as well as a few other common Shortcut dependencies (UpdateKit, CryptoKit, etc.)

For Developers:

DependKit is a Shortcut similar to Mike Beasley's UpdateKit. It's used to install dependency Shortcuts (UpdateKit, Check for Updates, _executeJs) or any other shortcuts you would like to bundle with your installation. It's super easy to use! Just pass a dictionary to it containing the name of the dependency as a key, and an iCloud URL or RoutineHub ID number as the value! A detailed tutorial/demo for integrating DependKit into your Shortcuts can be found here. I wouldn't recommend bundling the Base64 from the tutorial as it may be out of date.

  • Install from RoutineHub ID
  • Install from iCloud URL
  • Install Check For Updates by @pfg
  • Option to Copy DependKit as Base64

This Shortcut Supports Check For Updates

Similar Shortcuts:

Advanced Features

After running DependKit, a dictionary will be outputted containing the version of the installed DependKit. You can use this to require a certain version if your dependency requires a certain feature only available in newer versions of DependKit. You can even input an empty dictionary (still needs to have one field) to only get the ouput dictionary.

Empty Dictionary

Integrating DependKit into your Shortcut is easy!

DependKit Tutorial

made by @heyitzspencer

Latest Release Notes

1.6 - Nov. 16, 2018, 2:24 a.m.

-Fixed the strangest bug cause by one “Get Variable” action at the end of the Shortcut...

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