HighResArtwork Animated

Downloader for Animated Artwork from Apple Music. Works for Artist, Playlist and Albumcovers


This Shortcut works for all animated artworks (Playlists, Albums and Artists) and can either be used from the Share Sheet or with a link in your Clipboard.

There are usually multiple versions/aspect ratios of an artwork.
So this Shortcut will at first download the videos in a low resolution (should be around 750x750 and up to 5-10MB depending on length).
From there it will filter out duplicates and let you choose which ones you'd like to download.

After you've chosen the videos they will be downloaded in the highest resolution available (usually 2160x2160 or 3840x2160, depending on aspect ratio). Keep in mind, that this might take some time depending on your internet speeds since some videos can be upwards of 100MB.

Here are some more examples of the animated artwork.

P.S. if the link you shared doesn't have animated artwork, the shortcut might download other animated artwork it finds on the page. This is currently normal behavior

Latest Release Notes

2.0 - April 22, 2022, 5:07 p.m.

- Adjusted the Shortcut to changes on Apples Servers
- Reworked big parts to run faster
- Lowest resolution will now be downloaded first, then the chosen videos will be downloaded in a high resolution
- Added Quick Look option at the end of the Shortcut

Version history